PT. Sagatrade Murni (STM) has been manufacturing quality oilfield equipment since 1984 in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. STM products have been run successfully in virtually every oil and gas producing region of the world by broad spectrum of customers ranging from major oil companies to service contractors and small independent operators.

Our product line is constantly evolving due to our commitment to research and development and our desire to provide our customers with the best products possible. Through encouragement by our customers we have also been active and continue to focus towards expanding our product range to include new and innovative products.

STM products are available worldwide through a dedicated network of independent agents and distributors.

Enthusiasm – the driving force behind all our thoughts and actions. With their dedication and passion, their ideas and abilities, our more than 250 employees have made Sagatrade what it is today

PT. Sagatrade Murni Vision
To be a world class quality oilfield equipment manufacturer

PT. Sagatrade Murni Mission

  • Deliver world class quality products & services to ensure customers satisfaction.
  • Continuously improve performance and drive growth to maximize shareholder value and employee welfare.
  • Improve human resources capability and capacity to fuel sustainable profit growth.
  • Build long term synergy relationship with suppliers, business partner and other key stakeholders.
  • Create substantial value and benefit to community and society.